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  • The prices quoted at product pages include the statutory VAT, together with other price components.
  • We deliver our goods only to the countries listed in the shipping price lists in the tables below.
  • Deliveries are made with the DPD, UPS or FedEx. It is possible to collect the ordered goods personally in our store.
  • Our shop system will automatically count shipping cost



Country Price from Delivery time
Austria 11,22 EUR 2-5 days
Belgium 9,76 EUR 2-5 days
Bosnia and Herzegovina 27,80 EUR 2-5 days
Bulgaria 19,51 EUR 3-7 days
Croatia 22,20 EUR 2-5 days
Czech Republic 9,76 EUR 2-5 days
Estonia 11,22 EUR 2-5 days
Finland 13,90 EUR 3-7 days
France 10,49 EUR 2-5 days
Greece 27,80 EUR 3-7 days
Spain 19,51 EUR 2-5 days
Netherlands 11,22 EUR 2-5 days
Ireland 16,83 EUR 2-5 days
Liechtenstein 34,88 EUR 2-5 days
Lithuania 9,76 EUR 2-5 days
Luxembourg 11,22 EUR 2-5 days
Latvia 11,22 EUR 2-5 days
Germany 7,07 EUR 2-5 days
Norway 22,20 EUR 2-5 days
Portugal 20,98 EUR 2-5 days
Romania 22,20 EUR 2-5 days
Serbia 31,95 EUR 2-5 days
Slovakia 11,22 EUR 2-5 days
Slovenia 13,90 EUR 2-5 days
Switzerland 12,44 EUR 2-5 days
Sweden 13,90 EUR 2-5 days
Hungary 9,76 EUR 2-5 days
Italy 18,05 EUR 2-5 days
United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. 15,37 EUR 2-5 days


Customs information


  • Information on customs duties, import duties, etc. can be found on the page listed in the table below.



Country Country code Information on customs duties, customs duties Carrier's website
Afghanistan AF  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries  UPS
Central Africa, Republic CF    UPS
South Africa (South Africa) BEHIND  SARS UPS
Albania AL  Albania Customs UPS
Algeria DZ  Areas or Functions Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
American Samoa AS   UPS
Andorra AD  Andorran Customs UPS
England EU  GB  HM Revenue & Customs Taxation and Customs Union UPS,   FedEx
Angola AO  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
anguilla AI  Areas or Functions Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Antigua and Barbuda AG  Customs and Excise Division UPS
Saudi Arabia ARE  الجمارك السعودية UPS
Argentina AR Areas or Functions Ministries of Economy Areas or Functions Ministries of Economy Ministries of Finance, Treasuries  UPS
Armenia AM  Customs Service of the Republic of Armenia UPS
aruba AW    
Australia AU Australia Government, Department of Immigration and Border Protection UPS
Austria EU  AT  Bundesministerium für FinanzenSteuer- und Zollunion UPS,   FedEx
Azerbaijan UNTIL  The State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan UPS
Azores EU  PT   UPS,   FedEx
** B **      
Bahama Islands BS  Customs Department - Bahamas UPS
bahrain BH  Ministry of Interior - Customs Affairs UPS
Bangladesh BD  Bangladesh Customs UPS
barbados BB  Barbados Customs & Excise Department UPS
Barbuda (Antigua) AG   UPS
Belgium EU  BE  Belgium CustomsTaxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Belize BZ  Belize Customs and Excise Department UPS
Benin BJ Ministries of Finance, Treasuries Areas or FunctionsMinistries of Finance, TreasuriesMinistries of Economy UPS
Bermudy BM  Government of Bermuda – Declaring goods to Customs UPS
Bhutan BT  Ministries of Finance, TreasuriesMinistries of Revenue or Taxation UPS
Białoruś BY  Государственный таможенный комитет Республики Беларусь. UPS
Boliwia BO  Aduana Nacional de Bolivia UPS
Bonaire BQ   UPS
Bośnia-Hercegowina BA  Indirect Taxation Authority of Bosnia and Herzegovina UPS
Botswana BW  National Customs AgencyTaxation and Customs Union UPS
Brazylia BR  Brazil's Federal Revenue UPS
Brunei BN  Ministry of Finance UPS
Bryt. Wyspy Dziewicze VG  Her Majesty's Customs UPS
Brzeg Zachodni (Gaza) PS  Ministry of Finance UPS
Bułgaria UE  BG  National Customs AgencyTaxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Burkina Faso BF  General Directorate of Customs UPS
Burundi BI  Burundi Revenue Authority UPS
Ceuta ES   UPS
Chile CL  Servicio Nacional de Aduanas UPS
Chiny (Ludowa Rep.) CN  中华人民共和国海关总署 UPS
Chorwacja UE HR  Ministry of Finance - CroatiaTaxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Cooka Wyspy CK  Ministry of Finance & Economic Management - Customs UPS
Curaçao CW  Ministry of Finance - Curacao UPS
Cypr UE  CY  Cyprus Customs & Excise DepartmentTaxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Czad TD   UPS
Czarnogóra ME  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Czechy UE  CZ  Customs Administration of the Czech RepublicTaxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Dania UE  DK  SKATTaxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Dominika DM   UPS
Dominikana, Republika DO  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Dżibuti DJ   Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Egipt EG  Egyptian Customs Authority UPS
Ekwador EC  Customs - Ecuador UPS
Erytrea ER   UPS
Estonia UE  EE  Estonian Tax and Customs BoardTaxation and Customs UnionGateway to eEstonia UPS,  FedEx
Etiopia ET   Ministries of Finance, TreasuriesMinistries of Economic Development UPS
Faroe Wyspy (Owcze) FO  Customs and Tax office of Faroe Islands UPS
Fidżi FJ  Fiji Revenue & Customs Authority UPS
Filipiny PH  Bureau of Customs UPS
Finlandia UE  FI  Finnish CustomsTaxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Francja UE  FR  General of Customs and Indirect TaxesTaxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Gabon GA  Ministries of Finance, TreasuriesMinistries of Economy Areas or FunctionsMinistries of Finance, TreasuriesMinistries of EconomyMinistries of Revenue or Taxation UPS
Gambia GM  Gambia Information Site UPS
Gaza (Brzeg Zachodni) PS    
Ghana GH   Ministries of Finance, Treasuries Areas or FunctionsMinistries of Finance, TreasuriesMinistries of Planning UPS
Gibraltar GI  HM Customs - Gibraltar UPS
Grecja UE  GR  General Secretariat of Information SystemsTaxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Grenada GD  Customs & Excise Division UPS
Grenlandia GL  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Gruzja GE  Ministry of Finance of Georgia UPS
Guam GU    
Gujana GY  Guyana Revenue Authority UPS
Gujana Francuska GF    
Gwadelupa GP    
Gwatemala GT  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Gwinea GN    
Gwinea-Bissau GW    
Gwinea Równikowa GQ    
Haiti HT    
Hiszpania UE (z wyłączeniem Wysp Kanaryjskich oraz Ceuty i Melilli) ES  Agencia Tributaria de España UPS,  FedEx
Holandia UE  NL  Taxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Honduras HN  Commissioner Presidential Tax Administration  
Hong Kong HK  Customs and Excise Department UPS
Indie IN  Central Board of Excise and Customs UPS
Indonezja ID  Indonesian Customs and Excises  
Irak IQ    
Irlandia UE IE  Irish Tax and CustomsTaxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Irlandia Północna UE  GB  Irish Tax and CustomsTaxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Islandia IS  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Izrael IL  Israel Tax Authority UPS
Jamajka JM  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Japonia JP  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Jemen, Republika YE  Customs Authority - Yemen UPS
Jordania JO  Jordan Customs UPS
Kajmany KY  Cayman Islands Customs UPS
Kambodża KH  General Department of Customs and Excise of Cambodia UPS
Kamerun CM    
Kanada CA  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Katar QA  General Authority of Customs  UPS
Kazachstan KZ  Комитет государственных доходов Министерства финансов Республики Казахстан UPS
Kenia KE  Kenya Revenue Authority UPS
Kirgistan KG  The State Customs Service UPS
Kiribati KI    
Kolumbia CO  Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales UPS
Komoros KM    
Kongo (Brazzaville) CG    
Kongo,  CD    
Republika Demokratyczna      
Korea Południowa KR    
Kosowo RS    
Kosrae  FM    
(Mikronezja, Federalne Stany)      
Kostaryka CR    
Kuwejt KW  Kuwait General Administration of Customs UPS
Laos LA  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Lesoto LS    
Liban LB    
Liberia LR    
Libia LY    
Liechtenstein LI    
Litwa UE  LT  Customs of the Republic of LithuaniaTaxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Luksemburg UE  LU  Customs and Excise - LuxembourgTaxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Łotwa UE  LV  State Revenue Service of LatviaTaxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Macau (Makao) MO  Macau Customs Office UPS
Macedonia (FYROM) MK  Republic of Macedonia – Customs Administration UPS
Madagaskar MG  Douanes Malagasy UPS
Madera UE  PT   UPS,  FedEx
Malawi MW  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Malediwy MV  Maldives Customs Service UPS
Malezja MY  Royal Malaysian Customs Department UPS
Mali ML  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Malta UE  MT  Customs of MaltaTaxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Maroko MA  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Marshalla Wyspy MH    
Martynika MQ    
Mauretania MR    
Mauritius MU  Mauritius Revenue Authority UPS
Mayotte YT    
Meksyk MX  Servicio de Administración Tributaria (SAT) UPS
Melilla ES    
Mikronezja (Federalne Stany) FM    
Mołdawia MD  Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova UPS
Monako UE  MC  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS,  FedEx
Mongolia MN  Mongolia Customs UPS
Montserrat MS    
Mozambik MZ  High Commission of the Republic of Mozambique UPS
Namibia NA  Ministry of Finance – Custom and Excise UPS
Nepal NP   Ministries of Revenue or TaxationMinistries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Nevis (St. Kitts) KN  St. Kitts & Nevis Customs Department UPS
Niemcy UE  DE  Bundesministerium für FinanzenSteuer- und Zollunion UPS,  FedEx
Niemcy UE  DE   UPS,  FedEx
Niger NE    
Nigeria NG  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Nikaragua NI  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Norwegia NO  Taxation and Customs Union UPS
Nowa Kaledonia NC    
Nowa Zelandia NZ  New Zealand Customs Service UPS
Oman OM  Directorate General of Customs UPS
Pakistan PK   Ministries of Finance, TreasuriesMinistries of Economy UPS
Palau PW    
Panama PA  National Customs Authority UPS
Papua Nowa Gwinea PG  Papua New Guinea Customs UPS
Paragwaj PY  Paraguay Customs UPS
Peru PE  National Customs Superintendency of Peru UPS
Polinezja Francuska (Tahiti) PF  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Polska UE PL  Ministry of Finance – PolandTaxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Północne Mariany MP  CNMI Department of Finance - Customs UPS
Ponape (Mikronezja, Federalne Stany)) FM   UPS
Portugalia UE (z wyłączeniem Azorów i Madery) PT  Ministério das Finanças – PortugalFiscalidade e União Aduaneira UPS,  FedEx
Puerto Rico PR  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries  
Reunion RE    
Rosja RU  Федеральная таможенная служба России UPS
Dla poniższych kodów pocztowych RU    
101000 - 453999 RU    
460000 - 619999 RU    
Dla pozostałych kodów pocztowych RU    
Rota (Północne Mariany) MP    
Rumunia UE  RO  National Customs Authority of RomaniaTaxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Rwanda RW    
Saba BQ    
Saipan (Północne Mariany) MP    
Salomona Wyspy SB  Solomon Islands Customs and Excise Division UPS
Salwador SV    
Samoa  WS  Samoa Quarantine UPS
San Marino SM    
Senegal SN  National Department of Customs UPS
Serbia RS  Customs Administration - Serbia UPS
Seszele SC  Seychelles Revenue Commission UPS
Sierra Leone SL  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Singapur SG  Singapore Customs UPS
Słowacja UE  SK  Financial Administration Slovak RepublicTaxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Słowenia UE  SI  Republic of SloveniaTaxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Sri Lanka LK  Sri Lanka Customs UPS
St. Barthelemy BL    
St. Christopher (St. Kitts) KN  St. Kitts & Nevis Customs Department UPS
St. Croix (Wyspy Dziewicze USA) VI    
St. Eustatius BQ    
St. John (Wyspy Dziewicze USA) VI    
St. Kitts KN    
St. Lucia LC    
St. Maarten SX    
St. Martin (Gwadelupa) GP    
St. Thomas (Wyspy Dziewicze USA) VI    
St. Vincent i Grenadyny VC    
Stany Zjednoczone Ameryki US    
Surinam SR  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Swaziland SZ  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Szkocja UE  GB   UPS,  FedEx
Szwajcaria CH  die Eidgenössische Zollverwaltung die Steuer- und Zolluniondie Schweizer Post UPS
Szwecja UE  SE  Customs Department of SwedenTaxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Tadżykistan TJ    
Tahiti PF    
Tajlandia TH  The Customs Department - Thailand UPS
Tajwan TW  海關管理局 UPS
Tanzania TZ  Tanzania Revenue Authority  UPS
Timor Wschodni TL    
Tinian (Północne Mariany) MP    
Togo TG  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Tonga TO    
Tortola (Bryt. Wyspy Dziewicze) VG    
Truk (Mikronezja, Federalne Stany) FM    
Trynidad i Tobago TT  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Tunezja TN  Portal of the Ministry of Finance in Tunisia UPS
Turcja TR  Ministry of Customs and Trade UPS
Turkmenistan TM    
Turks i Caicos Wyspy TC    
Tuvalu TV    
Uganda UG  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Ukraina UA  State Fiscal Service of Ukraine UPS
Union Island (St. Vincent i Grenadyny) VC    
Urugwaj UY  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Uzbekistan UZ  State Customs Committee UPS
Vanuatu VU  Vanuatu Customs & Inland Revenue Department UPS
Virgin Gorda (Bryt. Wyspy Dziewicze) VG  Her Majesty's Customs UPS
Walia UE  GB    
Wallis i Futuna Wyspy WF    
Węgry UE  HU  National Tax and Customs AdministrationTaxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Wenezuela VE  Ministries of Finance, TreasuriesMinistries of Economy UPS
Wielka Brytania EU GB  HM Revenue & CustomsTaxation and Customs Union  UPS,  FedEx
Anglia UE  GB    
Irlandia Północna UE  GB   UPS,  FedEx
Szkocja UE  GB   UPS,  FedEx
Walia UE  GB   UPS,  FedEx
Wietnam VN  Vietnam Customs UPS
Włochy UE  IT  Customs Agency and MonopoliesTaxation and Customs Union UPS,  FedEx
Wybrzeże Kości Słoniowej CI  Côte D'lvoire Customs UPS
Wyspy Dziewicze USA VI  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Wyspy Kanaryjskie IC   UPS
Wyspy Normandzkie (Guernsey) GG    
Wyspy Normandzkie (Jersey) JE  State of Jersey UPS
Cape Verde CV  Ministries of Finance, Treasuries UPS
Yap (Micronesia, Federal States) FM    
Zambia ZM  Zambia Revenue Authority UPS
Zimbabwe ZW  Zimbabwe Revenue Authority UPS
United Arab Emirates AE  UAE Federal Customs Authority UPS


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